Concept 26 Shows What a Self-Driving Car Could Look Like

Self-driving cars face a big challenge, reconciling people's desire to spend more time reading, making phone calls, or napping in the car with their desire to be in control.

No other concept that we've seen has addressed these as well as Volvo's Concept 26.

Concept 26 offers three distinct modes: Drive, Create, and Relax. Drive gives you full control-- you drive the car as normal. The other two put the vehicle on autopilot, and activate advanced display screens.

These interfaces let the driver know in advance what actions the vehicle is about to take, so you are never surprised when the car passes, turns, or makes a lane change.

Touchscreen displays even give you full control over what route the car should take. Avoid highways? Take the scenic route? You are in control, even when the vehicle is handling the driving.

Many of our new vehicles already feature IntelliSafe technology-- Volvo's suite of active safety features. Using multiple sensors, IntelliSafe allows the car to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and surrounding traffic, and brake to avoid a collision.

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