Working Together is the Only Way to Bring Self-Driving Cars to Fruition

Volvo, along with many other automakers, has been working toward creating a full self-driving car for years. This would be a car that can perceive its environment with better acuity than human senses are capable of, with a computer that responds to driving situations with a sharper reaction time, better judgment, and more unwavering attention than a human.

In theory, self-driving cars could eliminate traffic accidents altogether.

However, it's a long and bumpy road ahead before automakers can even put wheels on the ground. Self-driving cars are largely tested on closed courses, with some being tested by professional drivers in live traffic. None, so far, are in the hands of end-users.

To do this will require collaboration between automakers and traffic regulators.

Volvo's President & CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, says, "Bringing the people on board who are responsible for liability issues, legislation issues, infrastructure -- that is, the road conditions -- they should be involved in the project, so that we can really create a system that works together in society."

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