Why Volvo Agreed to Emissions Standards Set by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature

All across the auto industry, companies are scrambling to lower their emissions and prove that they are "green." In America, much of this is spurred on by ever-tightening regulations set by the EPA on how fuel efficient a car must be.

For Volvo, however, the EPA's rules just aren't strict enough.

Instead, the Swedish automaker is joining forces with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), taking part in the Climate Savers program. Climate Savers members must agree to rock-bottom carbon emissions standards prescribed by the WWF itself, and be checked on by independent experts for compliance.

To meet the CO2 target set by WWF, Volvo is not only working to build cleaner cars, introducing hybrid and pure electric models to the lineup, the automaker is reducing emissions in manufacturing and logistics, and working with other organizations to encourage more sustainable transportation infrastructure. For example, one of Volvo's goals is to establish charging stations in cities to support adoption of Volvo's electric buses.

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