MotorTrend Lauds the New 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country

The year 2017 marks two milestones for Volvo--the introduction of the Cross Country name, and the anniversary of their all-wheel drive system. All told, that makes the 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country quite special. Packing a fifth-generation AWD system, and the latest in technology and design, it won the hearts of the reviewers at MotorTrend.

The review team got a chance to sample the new V90 Cross Country on the brand’s home turf in Sweden, which is made up primarily of woodland trails and lakes. Rocking Nokian studded winter tires, the lifted wagon offered prime grip on road, and even better (and more comfortable) control and performance off-road. Thanks to double wishbone and integral link rear suspension with the optional air suspension setup installed, MotorTrend called it an excellent companion for anyone who favors a luxurious, off-road ready wagon.

Compared to the V90 wagon, there will be more examples of the Cross Country variant to go around. To learn more, contact our Volvo dealership in Peoria, IL at your convenience to schedule to take one for a spin.

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