How Can You Tell if Your Exhaust is Leaking?

All car owners know what there exhaust is and where it is found on the car, but few know what it exactly does and how to know if it is leaking. That is why we here at Velde Volvo Cars of Peoria want to ensure that you are aware of some warning signs that your exhaust may be leaking.

The first is that your steering wheel is shaking. This may be the result of a rusty exhaust pipe which can then shake and ultimately cause your steering column to shake. Second would be if you notice a sudden drop in your gas mileage. This can also mean a leak occurred and should be checked out immediately.

If you have any additional questions then feel free to give us a call or stop on by our car repair shop located right here in Peoria, IL to schedule an appointment with our talented and very inexpensive service team.

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