Are Your Tires Worn Out?

Investing in tires capable of lasting tens of thousands of miles would be wise. Assuming the tires can last forever, however, would be unwise. Eventually, the rubber wears down and the tires become unsafe. Knowing what signs to look for allows you to determine whether the tires have reached the point they need to be replaced.

Dry rot reflects one of the most obvious signs a tire has passed the point of no return. With dry rot, cracks appear on the rubber of the tire. Essentially, the tire has started to break apart. Age and extreme weather conditions may cause dry rot. Regardless of the cause, dry rot presents serious dangers. A tire could suffer a blowout.

Depth on the treads presents another obvious sign of the tire starting to fail. Once the depth decreases significantly, the tires are making contact directly with the road. That isn't safe.

Let the mechanics at Velde Volvo Cars of Peoria check your car's tires out. We're located right here in Peoria, IL and can give you an accurate report on your tire's maintenance and anticipated lifespan.

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