Automotive Guide: FWD or RWD Drivetrains

The drivetrain helps move your car down the road. Front-wheel drive places all the power on the front-wheels and pulls the car down the road, while rear-wheel drive pushes the car down the road. There are also two other types of drivetrains including all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD).

With FWD vehicles, you have more stability while driving in incremental weather and dealing with snow. While winter tires can turn a RWD vehicle into a more stable driving experience, you typically would purchase a FWD and AWD if you live in northern areas with a lot of snow.

Some car manufacturers only create AWD models, such as Audi. You can find that other manufacturers allow you to switch drivetrain configurations, such as xDrive trims from BMW. If you are looking to buy a new vehicle and want a different drivetrain, you should talk to the experts at Velde Volvo Cars of Peoria.

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