Helpful Tips to Avoiding a Tire Blowout with Your Vehicle

Avoiding a tire blowout with your vehicle all comes down to taking a little action to ensure the tires are in the best possible health. If you recently hit a huge pothole or the car tire slammed up against the curb, you may have knocked the car out of alignment. This means the front tires are going to wear unevenly and more on the sidewalls. The more this occurs, the more likely of a possible tire failure on the road.

You could reduce the chances of tire blowouts by simply looking more closely at your tire treads each day. It will only take a minute from your busy day to look for bulges and cracks in the treads, or pieces of the tread coming free from the rest of the tire. We have a team here at Velde Volvo that can inspect your car tires and schedule your next tire rotation appointment.

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