How to Travel with Pets: Acclimating a New Puppy

Puppies, like kittens, are a joy. Like human children they have a sense of wonder and curiosity about the new world in which they find themselves. They may also have a sense of anxiety about new experiences. Even though puppies normally accompany their humans eagerly, they may be nervous about new experiences. One new experience that may influence a puppy negatively is his first car trip.

An easy way to ease the anxiety of a puppy is to give him a toy with his owner's scent. Dogs of all ages often use socks as a method of comfort. Dogs, unlike humans, are scent oriented. A smelly sock imbued his owner's scent makes the dog feel like the owner is still nearby. Take a used sock with the puppy for his first trip in a car and give it to the young canine. Do this until the puppy welcomes such trips.



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