Daily Cranking Routines Can Impact a Car Battery

When a car's ignition is used, it pulls power from a battery. Although an car battery has multiple cells, each cell can lose energy over time. The most common power problems happen in the winter; however, there are practical ways to prevent failures throughout cold weather events.

Each time you turn the ignition to crank your car, the starter pulls energy. During pleasant weather conditions, a battery has a stable power capacity. When temperatures drop or increase dramatically, a battery's amperage is affected. If a battery is fairly old, it will only crank an engine several times before energy efficiency problems occur. This happens because an old battery doesn't hold a lot of energy, and any cold air that surrounds an aged battery lowers the amperage. If you keep your car in a warm environment when cold weather impacts your community, winter weather don't affect the battery's power capacity.

You can also resolve battery problems by keeping a spare. If you don't know how to replace a battery, the crew at Scherer Volvo Cars can tackle the project.



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