Volvo has manufactured safe and reliable sedans for a number of years. These cars have the finest craftsmanship that you will find anywhere. The Volvo S90 is a luxury sedan that seats five adults. The S90 comes in the Inscription trim, which adds some nice features for you enjoyment.

One feature that you are sure to like on the Volvo S90 Inscription trim is the panoramic moonroof. This moonroof extends over the entire top of the vehicle. Everyone within the vehicle can see the sky and the stars. This roof can slide open to let in the fresh breeze on a summer's day.

The interior of the Volvo S90 Inscription is very luxurious. The seats are all upholstered with Nappa leather. This type of leather is noted for its soft feel. The new S90 Inscription also features North American walnut inlays in the dash and in all four doors.



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