The experts at Volvo have hit another home run with their presentation of the 2019 V90 crossover vehicle. This powerful, tech savvy, and popular crossover vehicle uses specialized materials and methods to keep drivers and passengers safer in the event of collisions. Included in this list of mitigation tools are the side impact protection service, hardened passenger compartments, and injury preventing interior coatings.

Passengers and drivers of the 2019 Volvo V90 crossover can enjoy the extra safety offered by the specially-constructed passenger compartments. This vehicle uses boron steel and other metals that can withstand the high energies encountered during crashes. In addition to the overall frame strength, the Volvo V90 also uses high grade side-impact resistant materials. This design feature can provide extra protection during potentially hazardous side-impact crashes.

Hard interior vehicle surfaces can be sources of injuries to passengers during accidents, but the new Volvo V90 works to prevent such situations with it's specially coated interior. Potentially hazardous surfaces such as interior panels and doors use specialized coatings that can protect passengers during sudden decelerations.



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