Some station wagon-style vehicles have a reputation for being clunky, unresponsive pieces of metal. The Volvo V90 Wagon is very different from such vehicles, and it offers Peoria, IL drivers and passengers power and performance numbers that are more commonly found on sports vehicles. Some of the features that give the new Volvo V90 that special edge are the IntelliSafe system as well as powerful under-the-hood props.

The Volvo V90 IntelliSafe system provides drivers and passengers with a number of innovative tech tools that help them to stay in control at all times. These systems includes winners like Distance Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Pilot Assist that make driving life much easier for vehicle operators.

Once drivers have set basic distance and speed parameters, the Adaptive Cruise control system can slow down or speed vehicles up to maintain speed and position within flows of traffic. The system can thus free drivers from the waist down and make long journeys much more palatable. Plus, the Volvo version of the Adaptive Cruise Control system lets drivers use included Dynamic driving modes as well. For example, drivers facing longer journeys can use the ECO mode in order to save fuel and increase mileage.


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