Learn to Test Your Vehicle's Battery

Testing your car's battery doesn't have to be so complicated. All you need is a voltmeter. Keep in mind that it is always smart to use safety glasses while working on your vehicle.

Testing Your Battery is Easy

 Turn the car off and your voltmeter on; if it is a multimeter set it to measure volts. Remember that red is positive and black is negative when pertaining to electricity. Touch the positive and negative test leads to the positive and negative terminals on the battery. It's always smart to connect the positive first and then the negative.

Test Results: Bad Battery or Good Battery?

If your battery is putting out 12.4 volts or more and your car continually starts up then your battery should still be good. You will know the battery is bad if it continually measures less than 12.4 volts after being charged. To learn more visit Scherer Volvo Cars.


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