Have you been driving an SUV but wanting something a little smaller? Does the idea of driving an SUV with the frame of a car sound interesting? You may find driving a crossover to be a perfect choice. Come to Scherer Volvo Cars to learn more about crossovers, why they’re so popular, and the various models from which you can choose. You’ll also quickly discover why so many drivers are buying crossovers.

• Comfort – Crossovers offer a more comfortable ride than an SUV.
• Economy – They offer better gas mileage than an SUV.
• Cost - Because they’re built with the platform of a car, they’re cheaper to buy.
• Style – Crossovers offer a wide variety of styles and design options.
• Options Available – Crossovers offer more options than SUVs.

If you’re ready to hear or see more, come to our shop in Peoria and check out our selection of crossover vehicles. We invite you to take a test drive while you’re there.


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