Volvo's new twin-engine T8 XC90 takes its power from the open road!

If you're interested in the future of the auto industry, we highly recommend you check this video out. Earlier today, Volvo released its "Highway Robbery" spot. As nefarious as the name may sound, we can assure you that only good things are going to come from this. In the video, Volvo aims to show off the capabilities of its brand-new twin-engine T8 XC90.

As the first seven-seat, hybrid plug-in SUV to hit market, the new XC90 comes with some pretty big expectations attached. However, with great challenges come great opportunities, and Volvo wanted to show off its new vehicle in a very unique way. By bringing it out to a busy stretch of road out in California, Volvo aimed get the XC90 charged up in the most innovative way possible. By hooking the XC90 up to a charging station that was powered by vehicles passing a specially engineered section of road, Volvo was able to charge up the XC90 and likely even some of the passing drivers as well, figuratively speaking.

This purloined power won't go to waste either, as Volvo's new XC90 boasts an impressive 400 horsepower under the hood, making it not just efficient, but powerful as well! The XC90 won't be hitting showrooms until later this year, but it seems that Volvo is already thinking years ahead of the competition. If you'd like more information on how to get behind the wheel of this unique and powerful plug-in hybrid SUV when it comes out, visit us at Velde Volvo.

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