Scherer Philosophy

Scherer Volvo Cars Peoria IL

This is my favorite picture of my parents. Our philosophy is their teachings. We tried to put it all in words..

The Scherer Family believes that exceeding all past automotive experiences of Customers, Team Members, Manufacturers, Neighbors, and Investors is fundamental to our success.

To help us exceed all of our Customers' past experiences:

  • We will provide a quality product and service that best fits their needs by a thorough interview.
  • We will explain our process with clear and transparent communication, and without deception.
  • We will provide the quality product and service at a competitive price without the hassle of unfair negotiation practices.


To help us exceed all of our Team Members' past experiences:

  • We will create a sense of belonging in an environment of mutual trust, respect and dignity.
  • We believe that all team members want to be involved with decisions that affect them, care about their jobs and each other, and take pride in themselves and their contributions.
  • We will share the success of their efforts.


To help us exceed all of Volvo's past experiences:

  • We will create an environment that shares their vision and direction.
  • We will represent Volvo's product with honesty and enthusiasm.
  • We will be open and fair in our dealings, reflecting trust and respect of their brand.


To help us exceed all of our Neighbors' past experiences:

  • We will be good citizens and protect the environment.
  • We will seek to cooperate with government at all levels and strive to be sensitive, open and candid in all of our public statements.
  • We will strive to provide maximum contributions to our local community.


To help us exceed all of our Investors' past experiences:

  • We will operate in a manner that promotes renewal and growth and provides a competitive return for their investment and involvement in the business.

By continuously operating according to our values and this philosophy, we will fulfill our mission, brand purpose and promise.