What Are Differences between Conventional, Semi-Synthetics and Full Synthetic Oils?

In the auto industry, there is still a disagreement on how to properly name the "synthetic" oils. You don't really hear the term "semi-conventional," but you do hear "semi-synthetic." Now, what is this "full synthetic" oil?

The best way of describing the difference between these terms, might be to compare it to the word "Coke." In the South, Coke means all soda pop. In the auto industry, the "synthetic" term refers to all "synthetic" oils. But, in reality, it might be more accurate to divide the motor oils into "semi-synthetic" and "fully synthetic." An estimated 90% of "synthetic" oils are actually "semi-synthetic."

So, with all of these options, it can be difficult to decide what you want to do for your next oil change. Which should you use? Come into our dealership and we will discuss all of your options. Then we can change your oil, using your selected motor oil.

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