Is Your Volvo Ready for Winter?

Like it or not, winter is here in Peoria. While we prepare ourselves with new hats, gloves, and jackets, it's also important for you to make sure your Volvo is ready. We want to offer a few maintenance tips to winterize your vehicle.

  • Oil change: The extreme cold can cause problems with your engine if it's not healthy. Be sure to stick with your routine oil and filter change schedule to keep your engine clean.
  • Wiper blades: Ice and snow on your windshield obstructs visibility, so install heavier winter blades to clear the way. Be sure to keep an ice scraper and extra washer fluid with you.
  • Battery check: Extreme cold can be the nail in the coffin for an already weak battery. Get your battery tested to make sure it'll handle the winter.
  • Winter tires: Bald tires have trouble gripping the road and can lead to dangerous winter driving, and summer tires are designed for warm weather. Winter tires, on the other hand, are specifically made for handling in winter road condition. They'll keep you performing in the coldest months.

Need help with any of these tasks? The Service Center here at Velde Volvo would be happy to help Washington, Pekin, Morton, Bloomington, and Normal drivers. Our expert service staff will help you get your Volvo ready in no time, and can address any winter driving concerns you may have. Keep an eye on our Service Specials, and schedule a service appointment today!

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