Volvo XC40 Safety Technology: Always a Step Ahead

Specializing in Volvo sales, Scherer Volvo Cars has the XC40 compact crossover SUV in stock. This five-seat model boasts a handful of accident-avoidance systems and passive safety installations that give the driver and passengers more reassurance.

The Active Bending Lights surely make it easier for you to handle the XC40 on a dark road. Depending on the steering motion, these LED headlights automatically turn and tilt to optimize the illumination of a curved path. A high-resolution camera also triggers a mechanism that changes the beam settings between high and low.

This Volvo crossover SUV flaunts the City Safety technology that dramatically minimizes the risk of an accident on urban roads. Regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions, this function clearly identifies various types of obstacles in your way, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and moving animals. Of course, the City Safety system initiates immediate deceleration to prevent a forward crash with another automobile.



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