The Volvo S90 has advanced engine features that provide different advantages on the road. No matter if you drive the S90 on a regular street, bumpy road, or dusty trail, its engine will deliver enough power so that you'll successfully reach your destination.

Thanks to the hybrid engine hardware, the Volvo S90 cruises efficiently on a variety of terrains without slowing down. When you need a power boost, you can activate the turbo system, which gives the S90 increased horsepower, speed, and torque. If the Volvo S90 struggles to climb a hill, the engine's supercharging components can help. This hardware produces a sudden surge of power that's responsive and reliable.

At Scherer Volvo Cars, there are many Volvo S90 vehicles for sale, and you can take one out for a test drive. You'll get to chance to experience the engine's performance features if you test drive a Volvo on streets near our dealership.



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