If you are looking to have a bit of fun while you drive, then you will want to look at the audio and technology features available on the Volvo S60. These are so innovative that you really can’t help but look forward to getting behind the wheel with each drive. That is why it is such a popular luxury compact sedan.

You will enjoy having the Bluetooth Connection now included as a standard feature with this sedan. That will enable you to connect your smartphone to the car without needing any wires at all. That will give you access to the technology that you need to be accessible as you drive.

There is also the Harman Kardon premium sound system that you will want to hear. This will really liven up your morning commute. Just put in your favorite music and prepare to start singing along. You can listen to the possibilities when you visit Scherer Volvo Cars and take the S60 on a test drive.


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