Safe and Fast Way to Replace a Flat Tire

This guide to safely changing a flat tire on your vehicle will work on the highway, on a deserted road, or in the middle of the night. The most important thing is getting the car to the safety of the shoulder, not in the line of traffic.

Loosen the lugs on the tire that is flat only a single turn, then you can jack up the vehicle to get the tire off the ground. Remove all of the tire lugs, then gently pull the flat tire off the car. 

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Why a New SUV is the Favorite Vehicle Choice of Pet Lovers

Here at Scherer Volvo Cars, we want you to know your options when you're shopping for a new vehicle. With the right information, you'll be able to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

Our pets are part of our families and their safe transportation is important. SUVs offer a convenient way for pet lovers to use accessories like pet barriers and carriers. 

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Love the Road Ahead in the Volvo XC40 Momentum

The XC40 Momentum enables you to express your city style, with excellent interior features and design packed into a popular luxury compact SUV. The exterior of the XC40 Momentum can come in a variety of metallic and solid colors that give this SUV a distinct look. If you want to customize the appearance even more, you can choose from a white roof, specialized wheels, and other trim features to accent the color.

The leather seats are designed to be ergonomic for extra comfort so that you can handle long road trips with ease. 

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Explore the Volvo S60 Momentum

A luxurious, mid-sized sedan that brings class and sport to the table, the Volvo S60 Dynamic Trim level is a vehicle that you may not have heard about at this point, but it definitely is one to consider. Stop by Scherer Volvo Cars soon to find out more! From the exterior to the interior, there is plenty to fall in love with when it comes to the Volvo S60 Dynamic.

The great thing about the Volvo S60 Dynamic Trim is that there are a lot of features that come standard in this vehicle and don't require an upgrade. This…

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Roadside Emergency Kits - What You Need

Roadside emergency kits are not often thought of as necessities in our vehicles because we seldom think something can happen when traveling. Unfortunately, emergencies can happen to any of us at any time. Having a roadside emergency kit can make things a lot less stressful. Stop at the Velde Volvo auto service center if you need some supplies or just have some questions.

Roadside emergency kits can include as much or as little as you want. They typically include things like water, blanket, first aid kit, tire repair kits, road flares, toolkits and jumper cables. 

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Helpful Tips to Avoiding a Tire Blowout with Your Vehicle

Avoiding a tire blowout with your vehicle all comes down to taking a little action to ensure the tires are in the best possible health. If you recently hit a huge pothole or the car tire slammed up against the curb, you may have knocked the car out of alignment. This means the front tires are going to wear unevenly and more on the sidewalls. The more this occurs, the more likely of a possible tire failure on the road.

You could reduce the chances of tire blowouts by simply looking more closely at your tire treads each day. 

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Discover Windshield Washer Fluid's Important Role

Your windshield wiper fluid does more than clean your windshield: it also lubricates the moving parts of your washer system. Without it, you'd likely have reduced visibility because using regular water would end up smearing bugs, dirt and debris across your windshield.

Why do drivers in Peoria, IL and beyond sometimes fill up their washer reservoir with water instead? We're not sure. 

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Effortless Style and Performance in the Volvo XC60

You have high expectations. That’s why the Velde Volvo Cars of Peoria sales team is pleased to introduce you to your next favorite crossover vehicle, the new Volvo XC60. You will travel throughout the region in style inside this sophisticated Volvo crossover.

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How Can You Tell if Your Exhaust is Leaking?

All car owners know what there exhaust is and where it is found on the car, but few know what it exactly does and how to know if it is leaking. That is why we here at Velde Volvo Cars of Peoria want to ensure that you are aware of some warning signs that your exhaust may be leaking.

The first is that your steering wheel is shaking. This may be the result of a rusty exhaust pipe which can then shake and ultimately cause your steering column to shake. 

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Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Icon is Lit

There are times when you might be driving through Peoria and you suddenly notice that your tire pressure light has become illuminated. The obvious reason this might happen is that there is indeed a problem with the pressure in one of your tires. If you haven't ruled this out, you should get a tire pressure gauge and check those tires out.

Once that has been ruled out, the next most obvious issue is that the sensor has a problem that you are not going to be able to fix yourself. While you can just reset the sensor, if it…

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